i AM designs

The company

We are a design studio focused on bringing your brand to life, through branding, print and web design services. Whether you need to create or enhance your brand, we will work with you to help turn your ideas into a reality. Your brand showcases who you are and what you do, and when done well it can increase your recognition and engagement immensely. We take care in understanding your needs and goals in order for you to see positive results!

Now where did i AM designs come from? I AM is one of the most powerful statements; for what you put after it shapes your reality. As the famous Wayne Dyer says “Use your imagination as your guide, and live in your inner mental world as if what you desire is already your reality”. On top of that, A.M. are the initials of the founder Alicia May Cairns. I AM has become a daily affirmation for Alicia and has shaped her into the person she is today. Mindset is everything and what we think about we bring about.


Our mission

Our mission at i AM designs is to design high quality work, create effective and engaging brands, but also to be a platform to inspire others to do more, be more, and believe in themselves more. We are also huge advocates of keeping things simple. When it comes to design there is beauty in simplicity.


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About Alicia


Alicia has always had a huge passion for art and design. After graduating with honours from the 3 year Graphic Design program at Georgian College, she worked at an Advertising Agency for close to 5 years. She promoted to Assistant Art Director a few years in, where she took on more responsibility helping to manage other designers and the organization of the studio.

From there Alicia took on a graphic designer role at the college she attended, Georgian College. It was an honour for her to be able to work at the same place she learned everything she knows! She worked on in-house designs including banners, ads, program guides and a 50th Anniversary logo for the college.

With over 6 years experience as a graphic designer and coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was no surprise Alicia would eventually start her own design studio… now known as i AM designs!